Easy Wood Ci1-R4 Genuine Easy Wood Tools Carbide Cutter

Manufactured by: Image of Easy Wood Tools Easy Wood Tools

SKU: 24-1400


  • Manufacturer Part #: 1400

Genuine Easy Wood Tools Carbide Cutters-Ci1-R4 4” Radius Carbide Cutter

Grade, Grind and Geometry.  These are the 3 G’s of the perfect carbide cutter.  Easy Wood Tools invested thousands of man hours finding the perfect combination of these variables and it shows in the quality of their cutters, the sharpness of their edge, and the life you get from each one.  Easy Wood Tools makes its own cutters and you’ll never find a better performing carbide edge than Genuine Easy Wood Tools Carbide Cutters.

Use with the Easy Wood Full Size Rougher.

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