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 Woodworkers Shop maintains the largest inventory of kiln dried lumber in downstate Illinois.  Our inventory includes domestic and exotic woods in a variety of widths and thicknesses, including turning and carving stock.  

We sell domestic lumber as S2S (surfaced 2 sides) which has been straight-line ripped (meaning one edge is already straightened) making it easier for you to work with.  This lumber is random width and length in thicknesses from 3/4 -8/4 and sold by the board foot. See chart 👇🏼 for actual thickness of X/4 lumber. 

Lumber Thickness Chart

Board footage is calculated by (width in inches + .5”) X length in inches X thickness.  Divide this by 144 to get board footage. We add 1/2" to account for materials lost in "straight lining"

Thickness:  3/4 & 4/4=1 5/4=1.25  6/4=1.5 8/4=2 

Example using a 5/4 board 9 “ wide X 72” long:

9+.5 X 72=684 684 X 1.25=855  855÷144=5.94 board feet = "6 board feet"

We also sell S4S lumber (surfaced 4 sides). Also known as dimensional lumber.  This lumber is sold as 1 X material in random lengths.  Both edges have been straight-lined to give a standard width on the length of the board.  See chart below for actual board width of 1 X lumber.

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