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With almost a hundred years dedicated to innovating woodworking tools, Festool makes promises they can keep.  

“We promise perfection. No more and no less. That's why we focus entirely on our products, with the aim of providing professional tradespeople with perfectly developed power tools.”

Whether you’re a cabinet and furniture maker, a remodeler, a painter, a contractor, or a hobbyist, Festool tools brings you precision and consistency. 

Festool dust extraction systems are so efficient that you can work inside a home in ways you never could before, not to mention how much better it is to work in a healthy dust-free environment.  

Whether for sawing, drilling, screw-driving, planing, mortising or cutting, Festool offers the ideal solution for almost any woodworking application.

Visit Woodworkers Shop and get your hands on Festool.  Please ask to try the tools. Once you have them in your hands, you’ll know why we call them the woodworkers drug of choice.  They are incredible!

Festool in North America

Festool has been an industry innovator of power tools for over 90 years. They pioneered the track saw and became an industry leader in precision sawing, plunge routing, sanding, and dust extraction systems. In 1999 Festool came to North America bringing their fleet of 'unprecedented tools for the uncompromising craftsman.

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